Clean Beam uses FDA-approved UV technology to more effectively eliminate harmful bacteria and other pathogens in seconds. Our solutions are liquid - and chemical-free, traceable, less hazardous for employees and easier to maintain. Clean Beam simplifies sanitization so people stay healthy.


An independent study found our pulsed ultraviolet light (PUV) approach delivered a 6-log reduction of pathogens including E. Coli, Salmonella and Listeria.



DryZap! Technology is our footwear sanitization solution.
It eliminates the need for wet or chemical-based procedures.

  • Maintain records by tracking employee use

  • Reduce risk for employee injuries inherent with wet footwear sanitization options

  • Move employees onto the production floor quickly; the technology takes just five seconds

  • Decrease daily maintenance burdens because there is no need to refresh mats or chemicals

  • Achieve sustainability goals by eliminating the need for regular disposal of sanitizers

  • Makes an important statement in your sanitation process


Learn how Clean Beam can help your operation achieve a higher safety standard.

Download specs and results.


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